Sonnberghof – Bad Sauerbrunn – Burgenland

Project description: patient-oriented overall conception

  • Interior design
  • Furniture concept
  • Loose furnishings
  • Furniture with history
  • Lighting concept
  • Colour concept
  • Selection of textiles
  • Using spatial design concepts to relieve the monotony of passageways
  • Functional decoration (combination of therapy and decoration) in the corridors and special category areas.
  • Regionalism (finding and incorporating regional products and companies in the project concept)
  • Development of therapy and space concepts
  • Involvement in brand development and patient information brochures

Health institution: oncological rehabilitation

Beds: 120

Location: AT-7202 Bad Sauerbrunn, Burgenland

Architect: zweiarchitekten

Interior upgrading: Voglauer

Oncological rehabilitation in Austria – article

“A problem in daily practice is patients who have for the time being overcome the shock of the diagnosis “cancer”. The hopes in the subsequent therapy give way to a realistic view of (their own) life.
With her design, the interior designer Isabelle Farrokhnia has not only created a monument to herself, but in doing so has also shown great empathy for the fears and needs of the patients. The enormous facility does not have the threatening feeling of endless corridors, but radiates peace and warmth in unbelievable facets. It is exactly this ambience that evokes the desire to return.” article

“Sonnberghof – a very special oncological rehabilitation centre with the highest medical expertise – captivates at first glance, i.e. on entering, as a result of its special ambience, as a result of which the arriving patients are received as guests and can feel that their feelings are understood – and this is due above all to the exceptionally empathetic but nevertheless unobtrusive interior design, which is able to appeal to all the senses.”

aoUniv.Prof.Dr. Richard Crevenna, MBA, MSc – interim director of the University Clinic for PM&R – Medical University of Vienna.

Source: AHOP – NEWS no.2/2011 (Journal of the Working Group of Haematological Oncological Carers)

“In her lecture, Isabelle Farrokhnia, project manager of the Sonnberghof in Burgenland’s Bad Sauerbrunn, impressively showed how important every detail is in the planning of a rehabilitation centre for cancer patients – starting with the colour scheme and the distribution of space, right down to the furnishing details.
One such detail, for example, is the bathroom mirror. There are days when someone suffering from cancer does not even want to be confronted with their appearance, which has been changed by the illness. On another day, however, this is unimportant. The special construction of the bathroom mirrors in Sonnberghof leaves patients the freedom to change the position of the mirror according to their personal feelings. Starting with the entrance area, every room and its furnishing is atuned to the needs of cancer patients, with great empathy, but also with expertise. Isabelle Farrokhnia interspersed her lecture with pictures of Sonnberghof in order to graphically demonstrate this to the participants in the AHOP spring seminar.”

AHOP – NEWS no.2/2011 article

“I was impressed by Ms Farrokhnia when I first met her. Her specialist competence, her sensitivity, but particularly her ability to implement ideas and to bring things to life, to adapt construction tasks to the needs of people who are affected by cancer, to take new paths and to turn corridors and in-between spaces into places for experience and for feeling comfortable is something special, and has given strength and peace to people who are affected by serious illness.”

Prim.Univ.Prof.Dr. Alexander Gaiger – programme director of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre, MedUniWien, Interne 1, Haematology Dept. – Chair of the Department for Oncological Rehabilitation, LebensMed Centre Bad Erlach/Wiener Neustadt – President of the Austrian Society for Oncological Rehabilitation and Psycho-oncology).

ORF Burgenland article – Rehab for Cancer Patients in Sonnberghof