Interior design is well known – Isabelle Farrokhnia goes a step further, and in this way “interior moments” emerge.

Whether at home or in the office, in health facilities or hotels – each individual room can be brought to life through the interaction of a well-conceived colour concept, appropriate lighting and detailed furnishing.

Isabelle Farrokhnia creates total concepts that give interiors a special atmosphere of well-being. Individually coordinating with the clients and their personal requirements, she creates harmonious and unique:

  • colour and lighting concepts
  • choices of flooring
  • crafted wood furniture and modern seating
  • “furniture with history”
  • soft furnishings
  • specialist advice and (pre-) selection for furniture, accessories and art objects


Private Homes and Offices

  • Conception and realisation of interiors in private homes and offices
  • Craft wooden furniture (also preselection) and “furniture with history”
  • Lighting concepts
  • Selection of flooring
  • Colour concepts and harmonisation
  • Preselection of accessories and functional or decorative details
  • Art consultancy and procurement advice

Healthcare Facilities and Hotels

  • Patient- and guest-oriented conception of interiors with mission development (including regular    staff training)
  • Colour concepts based on knowledge of colour psychology
  • Lighting concepts (division into functional and atmospheric lighting areas)
  • Using spatial design concepts and the establishment of special areas to dispel the monotony of corridors
  • Functional decoration (combination of therapy and decoration)
  • “Furniture with history”
  • Regionality (searching out and incorporating regional products and companies in the project concept)
  • Therapy and spatial concept development
  • Participation in brand development and in patient information brochures

“Furniture with History”

  • Searching for antique furniture
  • Arrangement of expert restoration and upholstering
  • Textile selection