Furniture with History

Lasting value – unique, timeless artworks

Every piece of furniture with a past tells its very own story. Similar to people, a lived life leaves the most varied “traces of use” on furniture as well. These are what make furniture alive and strengthen its lasting value. Through restoration, furniture is brought to life again and in cooperation with clients and with regard for their individual wishes, for spatial concepts and colour harmonies, unique artworks are created that are filled with new vigour (see the examples below).

The restoration process

I have always been enthusiastic about researching the history of antique furniture, reconstructing it step by step: Which houses and apartments were these pieces kept in? Have there already been restorations over the course of time? Did the different restorers always restore the furniture expertly and true to the period of origin, or can one recognise more or less successful adaptations over time? Has the seating been relined several times and are there any hidden signs of earlier fabric? How much authenticity and how much reinterpretation should the restoration or reupholstering give the furniture?

Here it is not only handicraft skill and knowledge, not only design skills that are called for, but also a view into the history and the technical combination of yesterday and today. This combination can produce living furniture.

Customised furniture with history and character

I see the clarification of any questions and the intensive concern with the piece of furniture as part of an exciting partnership, accompanying clients on the way to their individual furniture customised by history.

Biedermeier couch

Furniture: couch. A charming, well-proportioned, light and airy Biedermeier couch (ca. 1830).

Work required: the couch had to be completely stripped of the upholstery. The wooden parts were bleached out and cracked and needed complete restoration. Reupholstering and relining with a wonderfully structured French fabric. It provides a relaxed place to sit with a feeling of security in the Boccaccio Room (la pura).

Size: seat width: 153 cm; backrest height: 92 cm; seat height: 48 cm.

Vis à Vis Sofa

Furniture: Vis à Vis Sofa with separate backrests adjustable in both directions (late 1920’s).

Work required: complete stripping of the upholstery (signs of over 12 different materials were apparent during the stripping!), reupholstering with a wonderful English woollen fabric – perfect for cold evenings in the Waldviertel.

Size: width: 128 cm; backrest height: 91 cm; seat height: 37 cm; seat depth: 37 cm.

Piano couch

Furniture: couch with a curved, wing-like backrest.

On stripping the upholstery it was clear that the curved backrest was not original, but had been added in the course of a previous restoration. However, because this adaptation was part of the charm of this couch it was retained. The couch is perfectly suited to a bar and has found a radiant location in the Boccaccio Room (la pura).

Work required: complete reupholstering, restoration of the wooden elements (frames, armrests and feet), upholstering, relining.

Size: width: 144 cm; backrest height: 110 cm; seat height: 40 cm; seat depth: 71 cm.